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Research Institute of Applied Earth Sciences



The research institute was founded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as “Oil Mining Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences” in 1957 and it was declared to solve the occurring problems of the Hungarian and international oil industry providing fundamental research. The name of the institute was changed in 1998 and the “Research Institute of Earth Sciences” name is used nowadays. The institute has a strong relation to the other departments of the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering in both education and research. The most important basic research results are listed in the following:

  • Reservoir mechanical, physical-chemical and colloid chemical researches to support the exploration, production and storage of hydrocarbons.
  • Basic chemical researches to support the mining and utilization of solid mineral resources; and to support hydrogeological, geological and environmental sciences.
  • Inventing of new equipment to support industrial measurement technologies, automation and IT systems.

The institute was a pioneer in the field of mining chemistry and the still ongoing researches are fundamental to develop this new interdisciplinary science in which the earth sciences, chemical – and chemical engineering sciences are integrated.

Address: 3515, Miskolc-Egyetemváros, Pf. 2.
Phone (institute): (+36) 46 565 255
Phone (university): (+36) 46 363 349