Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2015. 05. 07.
Dean’s Welcome

In the following lines you can read the greeting words of Prof. Dr. Péter Szűcs – current Dean of Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering.

The earth sciences play a major role in satisfying the ever growing demand of the global population for mineral raw materials, energy and water, and in dealing with environmental problems. Due to this, the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering at the University of Miskolc has optimistic plans for its future in both academic and research activities. This optimism has its foundation in the historical past and professional traditions that the Faculty possesses. The Faculty, whose history goes back to 1735, can be considered one of the world’’s oldest institutions in the area of higher education in mining and earth sciences.

The Faculty has had to redesign itself several times in its history of nearly 300 years due to changing circumstances. The Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering is currently facing important changes in its possibilities for financing. We would like to keep our prominent place among the Central European institutions of mining and engineering earth sciences, and thus we are broadening the range of programs offered in English and increasing our participation in various international research projects.

Research grants won in recent years have resulted in the further strengthening of the Center of Excellence of Sustainable Resource Management, which cooperates with the Faculty to cover many of its research topics (in the areas of mineral raw materials, energy sources, exploration and utilization of groundwater, geological research, environmental protection, waste management, and the processing of geoinformation). As a result of these developments and investments, an integrated system of laboratories notable even by international standards now assists in high-level research activities and practice-oriented teaching.

These are reasons why coming to the University of Miskolc and joining the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering to study or carry out research is worthwhile. We look forward to welcoming a growing number of international students as they join students from Hungary on the Miskolc campus, which offers lecture halls, laboratories, a central library, student dormitories, a cafeteria, shopping and sports facilities within the surroundings of a beautiful park. The student traditions of Selmec combine with these other factors to create unforgettable experiences for all those who study and work here.

Vivat Academia! Vivat Professores!

Prof. Péter Szűcs