Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2015. 05. 01.
International Mineral Show

The International Mineral Show and exibition is one of the most significant events among the mineral exibitions in Central Europe.  The very popular and well known mineral show has been organised and presented at the Campus of The University of Miskolc for many years. The importance of the event is marked not only by the regular presentation of more than 100 exhibitors and the 3 to 4 thousand visitors, but the fact that different programmes are attached to the mineral show every year.  Among them are representative thematic exibitions, scientific and popularizing presentations and occasional scientific demonstrations.  Many times new scientific books have been launched at the mineral show.

The main purpose of the organizers was that everybody who has connections and interest in some way in minerals e. g. collectors, merchants, or experts find something on offer in the large and diverse collection and, an occasion for experts to meet and discuss. The show nowadays is as it was at the beginning and is primarily for the visitors and experts, who come from other Central European countries, but is also trying to establish a connection between the exibitors and collectors from western Europe.

We hope, that we will meet you here in Miskolc, in the forthcoming years to delight at the sight of the beautiful minerals on display.


  • University of Miskolc
  • Herman Ottó Museum
  • The Local Authority of Miskolc
  • University Division of OMBKE

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