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Petroleum engineer? Gas engineer? SPE Miskolc Chapter is waiting for you

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is an international professional organization devoted to the support of petroleum engineers. (more…)

Our University Golddiggers – the Society of Economic Geologist Student Chapter

Even if you are BSc student you may become a member of a worldwide scientific organization. Come and look around at the geologists (more…)

Through the Miskolc gate into the International Federation of Mining and Metallurgy Students

IMMFS integrates mining and metallurgy students who follow the original mining traditions. It was founded in the Netherlands in 1967. (more…)

Earth Science Engineering Student Chapter for geophysicists and geologists

The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) is a regional professional, not-for-profit association for geoscientists and engineers. (more…)

60th Anniversary of AFKI – celebrating the the Research Institute of Applied Earth Sciences

A memorial meeting was organized on the occasion of the 60th foundation anniversary of the Research Institute of Applied Earth Sciences (AFKI) in the University of Miskolc on 22nd of November in 2017. (more…)

The MFK Faculty Branch Scientific Association of Students has successfully it annual conference

The annual Scientific Students’ Associations Conference (TDK) of the Faculty for Earth Sciences and Engineering was successfully finished with a closing ceremony on 1st December 2017. (more…)

Guest Professor Iuliu Bobos from Portugal lectured about hydrothermal systems

Prof. Iuliu Bobos, University of Porto, held a lecture on 16. October 2017 at the University of Miskolc organized by the Society of Economic Geologists Student Chapter University of Miskolc. The title was Active and fossil hydrothermal systems: curiosities and uncertainness. The topic has raised great interest, with 33 students in the audience.


TEKH – a field trip with the College of Research and Utilization of Natural Resources (TEKH) to Telkibánya

In September a new College has been formed to enhance the research activity and capacity of the most talented students in the Faculty. The members were selected by recommendation of the different Institutes, I was delegated by the Institute of Geophysics and Spatial Informatics for the next two semesters. (more…)