Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2015. 05. 20.

The Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering represents the widest field of earth sciences among the educational institute in Hungary. Many of our courses are unique in Hungary.

As a result of the significant investments and training supports the level of education in the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Engineering has outstanding infrastructural background even compared to international levels. The actual education profile of the faculty is described below.

BSc courses

Currently three different BSc courses with numerous specializations are held in Hungarian:

Earth science and engineering BSc

  • Mining and geotechnical specialization
  • Mineral processing specialization
  • Petroleum and natural gas engineering specialization (in English as well from 2015)
  • Earth science specialization
  • Environmental engineering BSc
  • Geo-environmental engineering specialization
  • Environmental technologies specialization

Geography BSc

  • Geo-informatics specialization

The Earth science engineering BSc is a specialty, since the MSc courses based on this BSc course can be filled from the students taking these specializations almost every year. Besides that the other two BSc courses are unique due to the situation of the faculty.

MSc courses

From the 8 different MSc courses the following ones are available in English as well:

  • Earth science and engineering MSc
  • Hydrogeological engineering MSc
  • Petroleum engineering MSc
  • Petroleum Geoscience and engineering MSc

The launch of the Petroleum engineering MSc in 2012 is an outstanding performance from the standpoint of the University of Miskolc.

Beside the above opportunities the Faculty is a member of the Federation of European Mineral Programs (FEMP), within which three courses are available: the European Mining Course (EMC), the European Mineral Engineering Course (EMEC), and the European Geotechnical and Environmental Course (EGEC). Institutions taking part in the work of the FEMP are: Aalto University, Delft University of Technology, Miskolc University, RWTH Aachen University, Wroclaw University of Technology and the University of Exeter (Camborne School of Mines). The courses are taught in English following a curriculum that has been mutually agreed upon. The EMEC course has been transformed into a two-year master’’s course from 2014, in which two months of teaching are to be provided in Miskolc to both international and University of Miskolc students.

PhD courses

The Mikoviny Sámuel Doctoral School of Earth Sciences is unique in Hungary, since a degree of numerous research areas can only be obtained here in the country.

For detailed information on BSc, MSc or PhD level please go to the Education page.

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