Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2020. 03. 19.
Agnes Mile
Information about distance learning

Dear Students,

As you have been informed by the International Office last Thursday, the university – as all other HEIs in Hungary and mostly all over Europe – turns to distance learning method of education at least for the next month but probably until the end of the semester.

This week is an exceptional spring holiday for the students but is a hard-working week for the professors to turn the education to the – as much as possible efficient – distance learning education.

Main ways of communication between the students and professors will be as follows:

1.)    Schedule and organizational information about the courses towards the students from the professors and by the Dean’s Office will be communicated through Neptun messages. Therefore, please take serious care about the Neptun messages you receive!

2.)    We encourage the professors that the main communication platform between the students and professors would be the e-learning site of the university (https://elearning.uni-miskolc.hu/zart/). This is the platform where you can access to the course materials, upload assignments and fill tests and quizzes. Most of you are already familiar to this system how to login, find the course materials, upload the assignments. Instructions how to login to this system will be sent to you again later this week.

3.)    Several courses, first of all lectures will be held through video conferencing platforms such as the Gotomeeting. These lectures will preferably be held in normal scheduled time of the course for this semester, but login links and instructions will be sent to you by the professors through a Neptun message.

4.)    Distance learning requires from you much individual work, concerning first of all the practical classes. Details about the topics, task description and way of assignment will be sent to you by 23 March by the professors.

All you should receive detailed information about the schedule and ways of study during this week or at least by 23 March. I hope with your cooperation we can override this critical period and complete the semester as much efficient as we can.


With best regards

Ferenc Madai