Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2019. 11. 13.
Agnes Mile
In Slovakia – learning both mining and business

Two of our students Lidbert Alarcón Laime (Peru) and Talha Mukhtar (Pakistan)(MSc Earth Science Engineering)– one is member of TEKH – participated in an EIT RM Shortcourse in Kosice in October 2019. The first day of the course was taken at the Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia), where a business training program applied to raw material sector was carried out. The next 4 days, geological exploration was accomplished in Tatry Mts. (Slovakia-Poland), where three outcrops were studied, Bachleda Dolina (Slovakia), Podspády (Slovakia) and Jurgów (Poland).The aims were to interpret the tectonic structures based on the evaluation of the multisource data (geology, magnetometry, gravimetry, digital model of terrain  map), characterize the tectonic structure on the field exploration using structural geology analysis, photogrammetry imaging (drone + laser scanning), and predict vein mineralization associated with faults in these regions.

Business Canvas Model is helpful for new young startups, is very easy to apply for those who want to start innovative, technological business model either in Raw Materials or any type of business. Exploration is hard work, using all possible tools that we have in the area, like structural geology, magnetometry, gravimetry, photogrammetry, (drone-laser scanner), remote sensing maps, etc. we will be successful.


Lidbert Alarcón Laime