Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2018. 11. 16.
Agnes Mile
Scientific Students Association Conference 2018

The 2018 Scientific Students Association Conference of the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering invites every students and staff members interested in the offered topics.


Geographical studies subsession, venue: A/3 314/a room, date: 2 pm 20 November 2018.

Geological studies subsession venue: A/3 315. room (lecture hall XIII.) date: 10 am 22 November 2018


Raw and waste material processing subsession venue: C/2 205. room date: 8 am 21 November 2018.

Mineral and geothermal resources subsession Helye / venue: ME Kőolaj és Földgáz Intézet, groundfloor 10. room date: 9 am 21 November 2018.

Detailed programme is available here