Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2018. 10. 02.
Agnes Mile
Hammer and Beer – two essentials of field trip in the Gerecse Mts

The Hungarian Geological Society has made a “breakthrough” in geological field trips – linked the hammer and the beer in its starting educational field trip series. Our students were there.

On Saturday, 22 September 2018, the 1st ‘Hammer and Beer’ field trip was held in the Gerecse Mountains organized by the Hungarian Geological Society. The main idea was to widen the knowledge of university students by organizing extra-curricular field trips at weekends.

All in all, 23 people participated (students, alumni students and teachers), mainly from Budapest. University of Miskolc was represented by four MSc students of Earth Science Engineering.

The program focused on the Eocene basin development in the Gerecse Mts.some 60 km from Budapest. We visited four sites in order to get know the different stages of that geological process. At first, we visited the old quarry at Mount Keselő and the so-called ‘football field’ outcrop at Mount Kálvária near Tatabánya. These occurrences represented the oldest parts of Eocene, namely the Eocene-Triassic boundary. After that, we went to Mount Domonkos, Bajóc, where the youngest part of Eocene could be found. Once, this was a basin slope.

The last station was the ‘Coral Trench’ at Mount Búzás in Nyergesújfalu, where we could collect a lot of fossils (eg. corals and Nummulites perforatus). As the last common program, we enjoyed the beer of the local pub. The photo shows the group midst the Nummulites hunting.

Lívia Majoros