Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2018. 09. 17.
Agnes Mile
TEKH College participation in the 2018 Field Meeting of the Hungarian Perologists and Geochemists

The meeting took place between 7 and 9 September 2016 at Szentküt. Among the 70 participants several student members and mentors of the TEKH were present. Both lectures and posters were presented. Echevarria P.J has given account about the Líthium distribution in brines of the deep Hungarian Great Plain. Majoros L. presented a poster about her investigastions regarding the mineralogy of graphite occurrences in Hungary, Gál P. came with three presentations about the structure and mineralogy of the Triassic metavolcasnic rocks. Pecsmány P. has also brought his two works to the conference, about clay mineralogy of young sediments, and the mineralogy orhyolitic volcanics. f carbonate concretions in Miocene volvcanics. A great numbers of the tutors have taken part of the works as co.authos, like Földessy J. (1), Mádai F (1), Kristály F. (5)  Móricz F (2), Szakál S. (1), Németh N. (3), Zajzon N. (1), Lesko M. (1), Papp R.z.(1). The numbers in brackets indicate the number of co-autorship.

All abstracts of the presentations can be downloaded from here.