Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2018. 03. 21.
Agnes Mile
Acknowledgement of the best students in our Faculty

Memorial medals of the Faculty of Earth Science Engineering was received by the best students according to their results of the previous semesters on 15 March 2018The following students were the recipients of the Memorial Medals in this year:

Memorial Medal – Gold:

- Csilla Balassa

- Péter Osztényi

- Alina Meylin Benitez Matamoros

- Diego Ivan Cuzco Yamasca

- Pablo Javier Echevarria

- Virág Kovács

- Levente Krakkai

- Shuaib Mustahsan

- Tettey Prince

- Richárd Ürmös

Memorial Medal – Silver:

- Aguilar Torres Hernan Vicente

- Alexandra Pilling

Memorial Medal – Bronze:

- Ferenc Andrássy

Certificate of Merit:

- Kálmán Krisztián

- Mészáros Tibor

- Nagy Krisztián Péte

- Szemán Bence

- Váradi Renáta Rita

The teaching staff and our students congratulate to all of the awarded students.