Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2018. 02. 08.
Agnes Mile
The miners’ dream may come true? Metals walk out through pipes from the ground….

Metal winning coupled with geothermal energy production.

The CHPM 2030 is an international research project. 12 groups from 10 nations carries out pioneer research aiming at realizink metal production from hydrothermal brines used for geohtermal energy production. The brines are the carriers of the metals, which are precipitated by physico-chemical methods on the surface from the transporting fluids. The goal sounds quite utopistic. The project started in January 2016, and has 42 months duration. After passing through the half-time, results are flowing in and solidify into results. The test areas are in Portugal, UK, Sweden and Romania. The coordination is from the University of Miskolc. The link points to a video, which explains the concept and the challenges in bried and simple words.