Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2017. 12. 08.
Agnes Mile
Through the Miskolc gate into the International Federation of Mining and Metallurgy Students

IMMFS integrates mining and metallurgy students who follow the original mining traditions. It was founded in the Netherlands in 1967.

The University of Miskolc Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering joined the organization in 2003.

The organization’s main purposes are as follows:

  • To build and cherish/nurse international relationships/relations
  • To spread the original mining traditions
  • To provide opportunity for those mining- and metallurgist students who are baptized and are capable of representing the organisation on a global level/internationally especially during the International Student Week ISW.
  • To organize ISW every 2 years in Miskolc
  • To keep in touch with other mining and metallurgist universities

The last ISW in Miskolc was held in 2016 where 17 foreign students participated plus the organization’s hungarian directorate and the commissioned helpers.

The goal is to help mining and metallurgist students from different universities to know each other. The main event takes place during the ISW every 2 years in each member state/partner country. The event, which’ official language is English, makes it possible to get to know new/different languages, traditions, habits of other nations. Every year there are about 6-7 ISW held all over Europe.

For the first time in the history the University of Miskolc was invited to the 40th Mining Student Olympics in 2018 which will be held in England. In this event universities from all over the world (Canada, South Africa) will participating and challenge in professional programs.

Members of the IFMMS: Belgium (Mons), Finland (Helsinki), Netherlands (Delft), Hungary (Miskolc), Great Britain (Camborne), Germany (Aachen, Bochum, Clausthal), Norway (Trondheim), Croatia (Zagreb), Sweden (Stockholm).

To join, you should contact Kovács Emánuel Zoltán (emszy94@gmail.com).