Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2017. 12. 04.
Agnes Mile
The MFK Faculty Branch Scientific Association of Students has successfully it annual conference

The annual Scientific Students’ Associations Conference (TDK) of the Faculty for Earth Sciences and Engineering was successfully finished with a closing ceremony on 1st December 2017.

30 students presented 26 essays altogether, from which 16 were proposed by the session juries for participation on the National Scientific Students’ Associations Conference. 21 lecturers and researchers of the faculty cooperated as supervisors in the presented work. The certificates were given over to the participants by Péter Szűcs, dean of the faculty and Ljudmilla Bokányi, chairwoman of the Scientific Students’ Associations Committee of the faculty.


Detailed results are available here (in Hungarian). The first of our international to win prize on these competitions was Soltani Aoutaef (Algeria) who won Best Presentation prize in the Geological Session. Martin Kovács and Patrik Veleczki has won the special prize of the Society of Mining Engineers, and welcomed by   Lajos Nagy, chairman of the OMBKE association.

Norbert Nemeth