Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2015. 09. 11.
Zsemkó Márk
Miskolc Geothermic Education in the USA

At the University of Colorado in Boulder, one of America’s flagship public universities, with 11 Nobel Prize winners, Miskolc geothermal expert Aniko Toth recently finished teaching a summer course in geothermal education. The five-week, four-credit class was entitled ”Geothermal Energy: Prospecting, Production and Utilization.” Dr. Toth, PhD, has now taught the course two years in a row, and was invited to give additional geothermal lectures at CU-Boulder in 2016. Dr. Toth is a full-time faculty member in the Engineering and Earth Science Faculty of the University of Miskolc. The success of her course reflects well on both the University of Miskolc and the increasingly more important topic of geothermal education.