Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Miskolc
2015. 04. 28.
Zsemkó Márk
Conference after the first year of our Brazilian students

The students who have spent a year at our university concluded  their studies in Hungary on a closing  conference. Tamás Kékesi (professor, vice-rector) and János Földessy (professor) attended at conference as chairmen on 5th and 20th of January.

According to the agreement between Hungarian Rector Conference and the education agency of  Brazil  more than 1000 students arrived at Hungarian universities, 30 of them at the University of Miskolc. Their studies in Hungary lasts one year. We hope that by the obtained impressions and experiences of students they will grow the reputation of our university in their country.  Their comments about their staying here will be useful in the organization work of next arriving student groups.