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Won again

After his success in Japan and Poland, Mohammad Nur Ali Akbar, our Indonesian MSc student in petroleum geoengineering, gained glory for our Faculty in Zagreb (more…)

Africa Day in the Dudujka valley

Africa is a continent south from Europe. Dudujka is a valley where the University of Miskolc is seated. For a December afternoon Africa is subducted into the Dudujka Valley. (more…)

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship – open call for the 2019/20 academic year

The Facutly of Earth Sciences and Engineering offers 5 master programs and PhD positions with support of the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship. (more…)

2018 FRESHHH teams from Miskolc

Two Miskolc teams have made coming-out during the 2018 FRESHHH competition of the MOL, and made their identitty known for us. (more…)

Scientific Students Association Conference 2018

The 2018 Scientific Students Association Conference of the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering invites every students and staff members interested in the offered topics. (more…)


What if you were in charge? Team up with your friends and show us your skills as virtual oil tycoons and win 25.000 EUR in total. (more…)

Featured Pages

The Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering at the University of Miskolc reached a high level of acceptance and reputation. The faculty’s infrastructure was highly developed in the last decade and thanks to the good technology the students and lecturers participate in important international and national research projects. (more…)


The Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering represents the widest field of earth sciences among the educational institute in Hungary. Many of our courses are unique in Hungary.

As a result of the significant investments and training supports the level of education in the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Engineering has outstanding infrastructural background even compared to international levels. The actual education profile of the faculty is described below. (more…)

Dean’s Welcome

In the following lines you can read the greeting words of Prof. Dr. Péter Szűcs – current Dean of Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering.