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Energy or metal production? Rather both with the CHPM technology

Brussels, the capital of Europe and, for four days, the heart of geothermal innovation.

It is inside the Royal Belgian Museum of Natural Sciences that the consortium meeting of the CHPM2030 project, hosted by the European Federation of Geologists (EFG), VITO and the University of Leuven, takes place from 11 to 14 September. This cutting edge project focusses on combining geothermal energy technology with extracting mineral raw materials. The reseachers aimed at developing a prototype of co-production technology of geothermal energy and metals from super-depths, i.e. below 5,000 m.

After a very productive preparation day on Monday and a lovely dinner in the historical center of Brussels, today marks the day of huge progresses for the CHPM2030 project. This second day is dedicated to an Advisory Board Workshop that allows the partners to present and discuss the work already accomplished along the project and to raise new questions to the experts in the advisory board. All day, technical topics are being analysed and, most importantly, the promising technical and economic potential of CHPM2030 are discussed and highlighted.

The reviewing of the project will now go on throughout the week but it feels already safe to say this meeting will mark an important stepping-stone in the project’s progress and, above all, in geothermal energy’s history.

The coordinator of the project is the University of Miskolc, which team is led by Prof. Éva Hartai and Ass. Prof. Tamás Madarász.

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János Földessy

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Miskolc Geothermic Education in the USA

At the University of Colorado in Boulder, one of America’s flagship public universities, with 11 Nobel Prize winners, Miskolc geothermal expert Aniko Toth recently finished teaching a summer course in geothermal education. The five-week, four-credit class was entitled ”Geothermal Energy: Prospecting, Production and Utilization.” Dr. Toth, PhD, has now taught the course two years in a row, and was invited to give additional geothermal lectures at CU-Boulder in 2016. Dr. Toth is a full-time faculty member in the Engineering and Earth Science Faculty of the University of Miskolc. The success of her course reflects well on both the University of Miskolc and the increasingly more important topic of geothermal education.


The only SPE Student Chapter in Hungary is operating in the framework of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Institute. The self-motivated student group is actively organizing and coordinating the professional and civic activities of the students. The Head of the Board is Martin Nagy, Levente Gál, Bence Mallár and Zoltán Székely is the Members of the Board. “The objective of the Student Chapter is to help the younger students to get in touch with the professionals in the industry and to widen their field of view. (more…)

Conference after the first year of our Brazilian students

The students who have spent a year at our university concluded  their studies in Hungary on a closing  conference. Tamás Kékesi (professor, vice-rector) and János Földessy (professor) attended at conference as chairmen on 5th and 20th of January.

According to the agreement between Hungarian Rector Conference and the education agency of  Brazil  more than 1000 students arrived at Hungarian universities, 30 of them at the University of Miskolc. Their studies in Hungary lasts one year. We hope that by the obtained impressions and experiences of students they will grow the reputation of our university in their country.  Their comments about their staying here will be useful in the organization work of next arriving student groups. (more…)

“Ecological approach in the municipal solid waste utilization” conference

On the 27th November 2014 Thursday the “Ecological approach in the municipal solid waste utilization” conference was held in the Ceremonial Hall of the Academic Committee of Miskolc. The reason of this event was the current 20-30% glass, plastic and paper waste recovery rate should be increased up to 80-90% until 2035 in Hungary. This gives several tasks for the future engineers.  European Union funds will be available for the solutions within the framework of various operational programs (OPs). (more…)

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The Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering at the University of Miskolc reached a high level of acceptance and reputation. The faculty’s infrastructure was highly developed in the last decade and thanks to the good technology the students and lecturers participate in important international and national research projects. (more…)


The Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering represents the widest field of earth sciences among the educational institute in Hungary. Many of our courses are unique in Hungary.

As a result of the significant investments and training supports the level of education in the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Engineering has outstanding infrastructural background even compared to international levels. The actual education profile of the faculty is described below. (more…)

Dean’s Welcome

In the following lines you can read the greeting words of Prof. Dr. Péter Szűcs – current Dean of Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering.